Dualtron X-II


The successor of Dualtron X, Dualtron X-II is the latest high-end model of the brand Dualtron. In an effort to continually push the boundaries of what electric technology is capable of, Dualtron has created the Dualtron X-II. It is the new king of the most powerful scooters in the world. Even more eXtreme 8300 watt max BLDH hub motors, 13 inch ultra wide tires, 72V 42Ah battery pack with LG cells, put simply the Dualtron X-II is the new king of electric scooters!

Battery: 72V 42Ah

Sub-Battery: 60V 3Ah

Autonomy: Up to 150 km

Power: Max 8300 W (2 Motors)

Speed: Limited to 25 km/h delimited 110 km/h

Brakes: Magnetic + hydraulic simultaneous

Weight: 66 kg

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