Dongfeng EV18 (hydraulic brake)


The Dongfeng EV18 (hydraulic brake) is a multi-purpose electric light commercial vehicle (eLCV) to support the transport of light goods in urban cities. The Dongfeng EV18 (hydraulic brake) has a payload of one ton and a cargo space of 16.7 m3 for model with hydraulic brakes. The Dongfeng EV18 (hydraulic brake) has many applications: goods delivery, hospitality and catering, transportation and warehousing, rental and leasing sector, as well as commercial applications.

Battery: 81.14 kWh

Autonomy: up to 350 km

Max power: 60 kW

Max Torque: 150 Nm

Speed: 90 km/h

Load capacity: 16.7 m3/4250 kg

Weight: 2200 kg

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